About us

Welcome to Hermoso , we are a women owned business and our space is dedicated to healthy and beautiful skin. 

We started this page as a manifesto of our desire to ensure that everybody can access clean and effective beauty products at the best possible prices. We also hope to inspire discussions and conversations regarding all aspects of skincare. Hence, we have have pledged only to sell products that we would confidently use ourselves, and that which have been reviewed and approved by other trusted beauty addicts. All of our products are sourced directly from the manufacturer or from authorised distributors so we can guarantee their authenticity.

We continually update ourselves on our knowledge of skincare products and their benefits, and methods of usage, thereby, taking out the need for guesswork. We would love to connect with you, and are open to hearing about your concerns or queries regarding skin related issues or methods of using our products. We love sharing our knowledge, findings and tips so as to ensure that our beautiful community is well taken care of, happy and confident in their own skin.